Video File API Plug-in

This page provides some link of VFAPI plug-in related pages. (Some of them are written only in Japanese).

VFAPI Plug-in expands types of movie file which can be opened with some softwares such as TMPGEnc.

Name Detail Author
Plug-in develop Kit

This is essential header and sample program to create a plug-in

Download 40.1KB

Hiroyuki Hori
VFAPI Reader Codec This codec reads video data through VFAPI.

This includes a tool to convert VFAPI file to AVI in VFAPI Reader Codec format, thus VFAPI file can be read by an application which does not support VFAPI format natively.


Hiroyuki Hori
TMPGEnc Software MPEG-1/2 encoder. Converts AVI file to MPEG-1/2 format
With VFAPI plug-in, more different kinds of file format can be loaded by TMPGEnc to convert to MPEG1/2.


Hiroyuki Hori
Pegasys Inc.
AviCapPlug With this tool, TMPGEnc can read (.avc) file which was made by AVICap(capture software made by H.D.).

H.D. Homepage

AviUtl Filter tool for AVI.
Provides some simple editing and convertion to AVI in other codec.
Supports MMX only.

AviUtl support page (Japanese)

Video Blend Plugin 1.3a

Plug-in to compose (nomalize) more than 2 movies.

Revision history :
ver1.3a : bug fix : could not load file if there is an AVI which do not have audio in the beginning of the list.
ver1.3 : supported MMX, audio was not treated properly.
ver1.2a : bug fix ; unsupported files were loaded to RAM completely.
ver1.2 : supports file which contains EOF at the end of file.
ver1.1 : reduced filesize dramatically.

Download 73.3KB

Hiroyuki Hori
VFAPI Server / Client VFAPI Server / Client is a program to use VFAPI (Video File API) plug-in with more than 2 PCs.
VFAPI Client itself is VFAPI plug-in, thus more than 2 different plug-in can be used together(or used at a time on more than 2 PCs).
(Quated from the home page.)

VFAPI Server / Client Homepage (Japanese)

Mr. Suzuki