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Because of the MPEG-2 licensing agreement, we are not able to provide an unlimited MPEG-2 encoding function for free. Thus, TMPGEnc (which you can download from this website) has a limited MPEG-2 encoding function since it is freeware.

To those who wish to purchase / register TMPGEnc or gain the unlimited MPEG-2 encoding feature:
Please visit for "TMPGEnc Plus".

About the relationship between and basically provides only free services such as the free demo version of TMPGEnc, updated information of the software, and a forum/BBS, etc.
Alternatively, provides product information for non-freeware software such as TMPGEnc Plus, including how to purchase the product, and user support information, etc.

Thus, please visit if you want more information about TMPGEnc Plus, our commercial version of TMPGEnc.

As you know from the TMPGEnc Licensing Agreement included with the program, we do not accept/respond to E-mail regarding support issues of the free version, nor will we respond to inquiries about product information.