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What does TMPEGenc do?

TMPGEnc converts *.AVI files to MPEG1, the format which is used in VideoCDs. Using a variety of options in TMPGEnc, you can compress your video file in high quality.

TMPGEnc enables you to adjust bitrate, quantize matrix, GOP structure, interlacing and many other parameters so that you can create the most appropriate movie file depending on your needs.

Revision History

Author's comment

TMPGEnc came from Tsunami MPEGEncoder.

"QUALITY" comes before everything in TMPGEnc! Encoding time will automatically be faster as CPU speed gets faster!

--TMPGEnc is optimized for Intel®Pentium®4 processor.--

(SSE2 order is used in TMPGEnc as follows:)

DCT/ iDCT functions are implemented in SSE order, as a result, better processing precision and speed can be expected.
Implemented Quantize / reverse quantize (which are part of MPEG-Video) in SSE order to maximize processing speed.
SSE is also used in filtering, faster processing time can also be expected in this aspect.

---2000/05/15 by Hiroyuki Hori (