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Version : 2.524. 2004/12/16
  • Changed: The formats for the project file and the template file have been changed. Therefore, project created with the new version cannot be used with older versions.
  • Added: [Project wizard (Step 4/5)]: in the media pull-down selection, DVD 8.5 GB (Double Layer) has been added, for the bitrate setting and size graph.
  • Changed: In the MPEG system multiplexer, the max. bitrate is written instead of the average bitrate for the multiplexing rate. It shortens the outputting process.
  • Improved: [MPEG Setting - GOP structure]: Even if Closed GOP is not selected, the GOP structure is now compliant with the MPEG standard.
  • Improved: Image quality for MPEG-1 with long-GOP, has been improved.
  • Improved: Encoding of scenes using still-image, has been improved.
  • Fixed: Errors related with encoding using multi-thread.
  • Improved: The encoding of MPEGs with GOP structure using only I and B pictures, has been improved.
  • Fixed: [Output to file - AVI file / WAVE file]: when clicking the Cancel button in the [Sound Selection] dialog, the dialog was shown again.
  • Fixed: [MPEG Setting - Quantize matrix]: if saving an existing template under a new name, it could not be deleted.
  • Fixed: [MPEG Setting - Quantize matrix]: if saving a template under no name, memory access violations occurred.
  • Fixed: When reading empty files (zero data), it could take a very long time to show the error message.
  • Fixed: AVI files created with TMPGEnc, when played with Windows Media Player could stop in the middle, with the message "Invalid file".

Version : 2.520. 2003/7/17

  • Fixed: Made minor corrections

Version : 2.521. 2003/9/26

  • Improved: In the project wizzard, for the setting concerning the bitrate, the file size in MB will be shown instead of the duration for "CD-R 74min (VCD/SVCD)" and for"CD-R 80min (VCD/SVCD)".
  • Improved: When error occurs during "Prefetch Video", the details will be shown.
  • Improved: When using "DirectShow Multimedia Reader", from now on only Linear PCM, 8/16 bit, 1/2 will be accepted for the audio input.
  • Fixed: Problem occuring when using an external MP2/MP3 encoder. For certain settings, the CRC value or the error protection could be changed .
  • Fixed: When the audio was re-sampled in high quality mode, if the input was monoral, errors could occur.
  • Fixed: During the encoding, some "Drag and drop" files could be accepted from the Explorer.

Version : 2.520. 2003/7/17

  • Fixed: Made minor corrections

Version : 2.513. 2003/6/12

  • Fixed: In the MPEG Setting dialogue under the GOP tab, even if the "Force picture type setting" was not enabled you could click the "setting" button.
  • Fixed:Reading an animation using DirectShow, could result in incorrect audio or a memory access violation error.

Version : 2.512. 2003/5/20

  • Fixed: When selecting an MPEG file in MPEG Tools, Multiplex, a message saying "does not support multiplexing a DVD Sub-Picture stream to a system stream" was displayed.
  • Fixed: In an environment where multi-thread was enabled, choosing "Highest Quality" as Motion Search Precision would cause the encoding to stop halfway with an error saying Memory access violation error.

Version : 2.511. 2003/4/28

  • Fixed: Adding too many chained files, would cause the program to close.
  • Fixed: On systems where Windows Media Player 9 is installed, reading MS MPEG-4 AVI files via the "DirectShow Multimedia File Reader" would cause an error to occur.
  • Fixed: Multiplexing MPEG-Video stream without a sequence end-code would cause the PTS time stamp of the picture included in the last GOP, to be invalid.
  • Fixed: Multiplexing a closed GOP MPEG-Video stream without a header would cause desynchronized video and audio.
  • Improved: Improved the processing of the file so that, if possible, securing and releasing the memory of a huge block is not repeated..

Version : 2.510. 2003/1/17

  • Fixed: In the Environmental setting window, General tab, checking Enable multiplex with... and chosing audio file other than mp1, mp2 or mp3 format would raise an error when starting to encode.
  • Fixed: In the MPEG setting dialog window, GOP structure tab, when Detect Scene Change and Force picture type setting were both selected, closing the dialog window and re-open it would clear the Force picture type setting checkmark.
  • Fixed: In the MPEG setting dialog window, System tab, chosing MPEG-1 Video-CD (non-standard) would in fact select the MPEG-1 Video-CD setting.

Version : 2.59. 2002/11/14

  • Corresponded to Hyper Threading Technology.
  • Improved the system of template by project wizard. Basically, it can be chosen by a combination of CBR/VBR and audio format.
  • It can be played by setting screen of all image filter except 24fps filter. It starts to play by pressing space bar in condition of making slider bar active.
  • "Set up forced picture type" and "Detect scene change" in MPEG setting can be used together.
  • Chained files can be managed as one animation. This tool can be switched ON by environmental setting.
  • Changed "external tool" tab in environmental setting to "audio engine" tab.
  • Included sampling wavelength transform engine with high quality. However, it is necessary to set up by "audio engine" tab in the environmental setting in order to use since it is set as not using in default.
  • Included the project which currently encodes in "remained job number" indicated in the status bar of main window by batch encode.
  • Modified not to have memory access violation error upon moving track bar or clicking stop button right after pressing a play button by audio processing dialog.
  • The latest setting is saved to the utmost by saving environmental setting or batch list into HDD upon job completion of batch encoding.
  • Message is indicated when audio file cannot be opened by the setting window of source range.
  • Audio corresponded to separating MPEG-2 file of linear PCM by MPEG tools. Multiplex of linear PCM cannot be supported.
  • Only elementary stream format can be output with WAV format by specifying linear PCM format to audio format in MPEG setting dialog.
  • In case "Interpolate YUV data from 4:1:1 to 4:4:4" is ON in environmental setting, "Specify color space conversion formula" is also handled as ON automatically.
  • Modified that TMPGEnc.vfp, which is VFAPI plug-in of TMPGEnc did not read TMPGEnc body setting.
  • Modified that the index after 4GB was broken when data rate output AVI file with high format (for example, uncompressed high resolution) by AVI output.

Version : 2.58. 2002/09/03

  • "ES (Video+Audio)" has been added to stream type in the main window. This mode outputs separate video / audio stream.
  • "System (Audio only)" has been deleted from the list of stream type in the main window. This feature can be done with "simple de-mulitplex" under MPEG Tools.
  • Video and Audio stream can be outputted separately if user select DVD template at Project Wizard.
  • Now TMPGEnc has priority of MPEG-2 decoders at VFAPI plug-in priority setting. The priority is fixed and can not be changed by user as follows: 1:Sony 2:Ligos 3:CyberLink
  • Bugfix: "Prefetch Video" error occurred if Prefetch Video was enabled at Multi-thread setting
  • At 1st pass of 2 pass VBR, the character "analyzing" is not clickable anymore(since it does not mean anything).
  • Bugfix: At MPEG Tools, Merge&Cut, TMPGEnc did not treat MPEG-2 files whose colour_description is "0". (FYI, any version of TMPGEnc produces MPEG-2 file whose colour_description is "1".)

Version : 2.57. 2002/07/19

  • Stopped reading MPEG-file with "DirectShow Multimedia File Reader", one of the VFAPI Plug-in which is included in the program.
  • New dedicated VFAPI Plug-in to read MPEG-1 files included. This operates decoder made by MICROSOFT through DirectShow.
  • New dedicated VFAPI Plug-in to read MPEG-2 files included. This operates decoder through DirectShow if one of the following MPEG-2 decoder is installed.
    * CyberLink
    * Ligos
    * Sony
  • At "VFAPI Plug-in" of Environmental setting, "Reset to recommended setting" option added.
  • MPEG setting can be displayed to check even while encoding.
  • At 2 pass VBR encode mode, it displays"Analyzing" while 1st pass (50%).
  • Bug-fix : Could not read TMPGEnc project file as DirectShow source through TMPGEnc.vfp plug-in.
  • Fixed "playback time" when reading MPEG-2 file through Ligos MPEG-2 decoder which is included in DVDit 2.3.
  • Fixed noise on the right/left top corner of screen when using Ghost filter.
  • Bug-fix : Audio part may have disappeared if dealing with more than 3 hours movie.
  • At Project Wizard, if source file is DV format, it always treated as "Bottom field first" without judging field order.

* Note for Specification Change in TMPGEnc 2.57

[] When opening MPEG file with TMPGEnc
Because current version of TMPGEnc does not have own MPEG-2 decoder feature, it relies on other MPEG-2 decoders installed onto Windows system through Microsoft DirectShow to read MPEG-2 file.

Although Microsoft DirectShow does not support playbacking MPEG-2 file as default, by installing software DVD player etc., it is possible to playback MPEG-2 file. Microsoft Although DirectShow has such structure that additional component of DirectShow extends capabilities to read/playback other formats, however this is totally depending on software installed in your system, and it may be sometime unstable because of compatibility or conflict between such additional components, thus, we are not officially support/warrant the feature to read movie file Microsoft DirectShow.
The meaning of movie file is, AVI(Type1 DV format), .mpg(MPEG-1/2) .asf .wmv .mov in this case.

Although there are so many MPEG-2 decoder which can be installed onto Microsoft DirectShow. Not all of them can be worked for TMPGEnc. There are several decoder which is;
- not stable, as a result TMPGEnc looks like unstable in previous version.
- not allow other application to use the module, as a result, TMPGEnc can not read movie file.

TMPGEnc 2.57 reads MPEG-2 files only with specific official commercial legal MPEG-2 decoders made by CyberLink, Ligos and, Sony so that TMPGEnc reads MPEG-2 files most appropriate way by operating these decoders directly from TMPGEnc.
In this way, it improves the stabilities to read files, but only if one of these 3 decoders installed in your system. Other decoders can not be controlled by TMPGEnc.

There are at least 2 type of bitrate allocation, one is CBR, the other is VBR, however, Microsoft DirectShow is able to seek MPEG file encoded in CBR only, thus TMPGEnc can not do "Cut editing" which need accurate seek of file if the MPEG file is VBR. For example, if the file was encoded in VBR, audit or video may be stopped for a while at the point you cut.

If Microsoft Windows Media Player can not seek a movie, TMPGEnc can not seek the movie as well.

* Sony MPEG-2 decoder may be preinstalled VAIO RX models etc.
* There may be the case that an MPEG-2 file which can not be played through Microsoft DirectShow because of the decoder's specification despite you installed a software DVD player.

[] MPEG files which can be edited with MPEG Tools in TMPGEnc

There is a tool called "MPEG Tools" in TMPGEnc. This tool enables to de/multiplex audio and video or to cut/merge movies. These operations are done in binary level, thus there is no re-compression.

There are several softwares which produces an MPEG file which is not with MPEG standard, and such file can not be edited with MPEG Tools of TMPGEnc , thus TMPGEnc's MPEG Tool only officially supports MPEG files which were encoded with TMPGEnc. MPEG files made by other software/hardware might be edited, but we are not able to support/warrant the result officially (please read the note below too).

At "Cut" of Merge(Cut) in MPEG Tools, it uses Microsoft DirectShow to show preview and determine the positions to cut. Microsoft DirectShow can not seek MPEG files correctly if files were encoded in VBR, thus, start/end position to cut may not be accurate. The actual position to be cut may not be the one it is displayed on the window, so, even an MPEG file which is encoded TMPGEnc, if the MPEG file was encoded in VBR, it may not be cut accurately. We are not able to warrant the results on this matter as well as the case in previous column.
The Merge(Cut) always deals scenes by GOP (Group Of Picture), and standard MPEG files has about 15 frame in 1 GOP which is about 0.5 sec. If the start/end point you selected to cut is not close to the boundary of GOPs, the point will be automatically moved to the closest boundary of GOPs.

Version : 2.56. 2002/06/24

  • At project wizard, if source file is DV forma, always "bottom field first"is applied, and no field order detection is applied any more.
  • Supports reading more TGA formats : no compression 8/16/32bit, RLE compression 8/16/24/32bit (Previous version only supported "no compression 24bit".)
  • Bug fix : at AVI file output, sometime a frame was outputted as key frame despite it was not.
  • An AVI file which was outputted by TMPGEnc was not sometime played in WMP properly with an error "Invalid file".
  • At AVI file out put, progress bar can be displayed properly even if interleave is "0".

Version : 2.55. 2002/06/11

  • Outputs as OpenDML format for AVI file output. The first 2GB part of such file can be recognized by conventional VFW application.
  • At project wizard (4/5), if the capacity exceeds 100% such part of the bar becomes red.
  • Bug fix : at source range, if after 32767 frame is displayed, mouse wheel could not be used.
  • Bug fix : at preview of clip frame setting, always resized with interlace if output horizontal resolution is larger than 480.
  • Improved seek speed on loading AVI file
  • Bug fix : at cut editing of source range setting, the actual amount of audio gap correction was doubled.
  • At MPEG setting, if system stream format was changed, the aspect ratio of video stream was not converted correctly.

Version : 2.54a. 2002/05/02

  • Could not read audio properly if specific external VFAPI plug-in was used.
Version : 2.54. 2002/04/30

  • New "Cut Editing" feature has been added.
  • At source range window, "[" key can be used for "Set start frame", "]" key can be used for "Set end frame" command.
  • Vertical line Ghost can be reduced with new Ghost filter.
  • At MPEG setting dialog, several settings can be locked/unlocked.
  • Improved bitrate calculation : better result can be expected even if the number of frames in last GOP is fewer than usual.
  • Bug fix : Invalid MPEG-2 file was created if vertical resolution is not multiple of 32 (which is not within MPEG-2 standard).
  • Bug fix : Under Windows XP, closing "Marge & Cut" window caused memory access error.

Version : 2.53. 2002/02/27

  • Progress bar has been added at MPEG tools.
  • Improved equation for number of frame at DirectShow Multimedia Reader
  • Improved gap between audio and video at DirectShow Multimedia Reader
  • Elapsed time includes encoding MP2/MP3 audio with External encoder from this version.
  • Less problems can be expected when multiplexing MPEG-Video Stream which is luck of some pictures.

Version : 2.52. 2002/02/15

  • Optimized for Pentium 3 / Athlon
  • Improved loading audio with DirectShow Multimedia Reader
  • Improved compatibilities, some AVI file were not able to be read.
  • Fixed bug : it was not able to recognize the length of AVI2(OpenDML)file.
  • At max number of frame of GOP, TMPGEnc now take the following into consideration.
    "3:2 pulldown when playing", "Opposite 3:2 pulldown"
  • Improved framerate display at MPEG setting dialog when "3:2 pulldown"is chosen.
  • AtMerge(Cut) of MPEG tools, if there is any error, it shows the detail of the error.
  • If an MPEG-2 file is selected at Project Wizard, it obtains field order info from the header of the file.

Version : 2.51. 2002/01/28

  • At Project Wizard, user can specify bitrate. User can also change the
    value by adjusting estimated file size of MPEG file.
  • More optimized encoding setting can be expected by selecting type of
    source (Film, Video etc.) at Project Wizard.
  • TMPGEnc now judges field order automatically when a source is selected.
  • Bug fix : At Project Wizard, "Create another project(s) for batch encoding." did not work if same template as before is chosen.
  • Added "120 min DVD format" to Project Wizard.
  • Bug fix : parameters of CQVBR were not saved.
  • TMPGEnc is now able to create AVI file whose file extension is not ".avi".
  • "GOGO.DLL" is supported as external MP3 encoder.
  • Bug fix : TMPGEnc is now able to deal aspect ratio of a source whose resolution is 720 x 576 properly.
  • Improved operation when TMPGEnc automatically splits too long GOP into several pieces.
  • At MPEG setting, "Audio edit" has moved to "Audio" tab from "Advanced" tab.
  • Bug fix : Under Windows XP, TMPGEnc was not able to started with a user who do not have administration rights.

Version : 2.50. 2001/12/27

  • Project Wizerd option implemented.
  • Add option to set number of frame in a GOP at "MPEG setting".
  • For compatibility matter, SSE order for Athlon XP is not enabled at default setting. You can enable it with your own risk.
  • To simplify user-interface, "real time CBR" and "real time CQ" have been deleted from rate adjust setting.
  • Improved compatibility, depends on version of DirectX, audio part of high bitrate MPEG file was not played properly.
  • At CQ mode, declivity of P/B picture can be specified in force picture type setting, which means you can change the setting freely.
  • Improved transaction of key frame with AVI output. This improves some collapses when DivX Codec seeks a movie.

Version : 2.02. 2001/12/05

  • Improved performance when too long GOP is splited into more than 2.
  • Parameters for "CQ" setting have been changed. (As a result, same parameter as 2.01 dose not produce same quality/file size.)
  • When encoding MPEG-Audio with external encoder, Original, Copyright, Private flag and Emphasis are always enabled if the file is edited.
  • Dual channel mode has been supported with some external encoders.
  • Fixed bug : specific MPEG file was not detected with MPEG Tools.
  • Progress of 2 pass VBR encoding can be shown more smoothly.
  • Fixed bug : valid MPEG file was not sometime produced in SVCD setting.

Version : 2.01. 2001/11/01

  • Fixed bug : If a movie is encoded under the condition that "1" is set for Quantize matrix of non-intrablock, block noise were produced at heavy motion scene.
  • Fixed bug : audio was not encoded properly if L3E.EXE was used as external encoder.
  • Fixed bug : Some of TMPGEnc Project files (.tpr) were not able to be opened through VFAPI.

Version : 2.00. 2001/09/28

  • Optimized for Pentium 4. This can be enabled by checking "SSE2" at CPUtab.
  • Fixed bug : when encoding a file whose GOP is too long, invalid MPEGfile was outputted because of browsed frame selection failure.

Version : Beta12j. 2001/08/29

  • Fixed bug : Some part of AVI2(OpenDML) file could not be read.
  • Improved motion search precision at "best" setting with MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 non-interlace

Version : Beta12i. 2001/07/27

  • Improved Drag & Drop operation at batch encode list
  • Enabled pre-encoding to improve quality of 1st frame
  • Fixed bug : extra sequence header was outputted at Merge/Cut
  • Fixed bug : added correction function to "MPEG Tool" to fix a movie which is invalid format because of the bug mentioned above.

Version : Beta12h. 2001/06/28

  • Fixed bug : worse encoding result of MPEG-2 has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug : encoding with MPEG-2 interlace, motion search precision is "standard" got worse result.
  • Fixed bug : at MPEG setting, "comment" was not activated.
  • Fixed bug : if multiplex VBR MPEG files, divided by 0" error occurred.

Version : Beta12g. 2001/06/19

  • Fixed bug : Under Windoes9x, language selection is disabled since it was not switched properly.
  • TMPGEnc does not check error for audio compression with ACM any more.
  • Fixed bug : "/encode" option for short cut did not work properly, and caused an error.
  • Fixed bug : Task priority was not controlled properly if TMPGEnc is not used at all despite the program was started.
  • Fixed bug : Framerate was not specified properly on "automatically convert to 24fps".
  • Fixed bug : If file cache is disabled under environmental setting, an encode log file includes something extra has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug : After loading VCD template, TMPGEnc was not able to encode if audio source is mono.
  • Users without administrator rights are now able to run TMPGEnc. (However, you have to start TMPGenc with Administrator rights first.)
  • Fixed bug : Audio was missing if TMPGEnc encode an MPEG file which is made by some MPEG capture board.
  • Under batch encode, now you can select all executed files(projects).

Version : Beta12f. 2001/05/09

  • Fixed bug : could not "cut" MPEG-2 file for SVCD format at "MPEG Tool".
  • Improved motion search per half pixel.
  • Outputted directory for batch encode can be specified at once.
  • TMPGEnc is now able to open WAV file which is larger than 2GB smaller than 4GB.
  • While outputting WAV file, an error message pop up if the file size exceeds 4GB.
  • If an operation is related to FAQ, the FAQ is now automatically displayed.

Version : Beta12e. 2001/04/04

  • Fixed bug : inappropriate SVCD template at bata12c and 12d.
  • Fixed bug : Some access keys did not work at clip frame setting dialog.
  • Fixed bug : when outputting AVI/WAV, system freezes at "99% left".
  • Enlarge/reduction has got faster.
  • Fixed error when converting RGB > YCbCr of MPEG-Vidoe encode.
  • Add short cut key to each command in "Add current project to batchlist" menu.
  • At command line, "/batch" option enables start batch encoding automatically once the application is started.
  • At command line, you can select batch encode list file (*.tbe) to load when application starts.
  • As external encoder, LAME has supported. As external sampling rate converter, SSRC has supported.
  • Fixed bug : external resampler did not start at AVI, WAV output
  • At environmental setting, history function has added to external tool items.
  • Fixed bug : at environmental setting, an error "file was not created." is not shown when using "Disables cache by Operating system to access file(s)".

Version : Beta12d. 2001/03/01

  • Less strict error check on audio compression part of AVI, WAV output.
  • Fixed problem : Memory access error occured when MPEG-Video is encoded with multi-thread enabled.
  • Fixed problem : When using external encoder, produced WAV file was not removed.
  • Add "Finish encoding after this encoding process." to abort batch encoding.
  • Fixed problem : For mcf file, unused "MPEG.Video.TopFieldFirst" was produced.
  • TMPGEnc does not load JPEG file into RAM completely any more, thus TMPGenc does not freeze when large MPEG file or Type-1 DV file was opend.
  • Add "Disables cache by Operating system to access file(s)". This can be selected at Enviromental setting. This prevents NT OS from increasing system cache.
  • Add magnifying glass for custome color correction and Ghost erace.

Version : Beta12c. 2001/02/19

  • Add MPEG-2 Encoding function for the purpose of evaluation. This function will be automatically disabled after 1 month.
  • Supports SSE2 in Pentium4
  • Fixed problem : when encoding MPEG, TMPG keeps using more RAM.
  • Supports encoding 320x240, non-interlace movie at "Convert to 24 fps automatically" command.
  • TMPG now judges movie files in different folders are identical (if binary is same.)
  • At "Convert to 24 fps automatically" command, cache is saved to project file too.
  • When encoding, even if "Convert to 24 fps automatically" has done, the setting won't be disabled.
  • At force picture type setting, motion search precision can be changed on the way.
  • At Quantize Matrix, editing DC component of Intrablock is disabled. (even if edited, it won't be reflected.)
  • TMPG now can sampling rate conversion with wavefs44, WTC and SCMPX.
  • Supports external encoder MP3Enc.
  • Preview can be shown at "file menu" > "Preview" even if filter is disabled.
  • At user interface, user can choose language.
  • Fixed problem : TMPG could not read Type-1 DV AVI file whose audio is 48000Hz.
  • Fixed problem : TMPG could not start without quartz.dll included in DirectShow runtime.
  • Fixed problem : there is an error when user who does not have administrator rights started TMPG under WinNT/2000.
  • Fixed problem : there is an error when different channel number is selected at ACM codec select window.
  • TMPG now is able to read AVI, WAV whose audio is CCITT A-Law.
  • Fixed problem : TMPG could not read AVI file whose chunk size of RIFF is not multiple of 2.
  • Change error message when VFM, ACM codec was not able to initialized.
  • Supports reading JPEG files.
  • Supports reading sequence JPEG files.
  • Fixed problem : when outputting sequence TGA files, the movie is updise-down.
  • Supports reading sequence TGA files with detecting the direction of image.
  • Fixed problem : when outputting WAVE, BMP or AVI, the file name comes with 2 periods (such as 123..wav).
  • Fixed problem : At custom color collection, if user executes more gamma correction or use more than 2 color spaces, memory access error occurs.
  • At custom color collection, to clip top/bottom color value, add "Set Max value"
  • "Set Min value" and "Clip top/bottom of brightness" command.
  • Supports clip frame setting and background color setting to put movie. (This can be done at clip frame setting dialog.)
  • Supports setting with preview in actual aspect ratio which is outputted at clip frame setting.
  • At ghost erase, shade off parameter has been added. This helps to remove shaded ghost (but not fast yet).
  • At ACM access part of outputting WAVE, AVI, TMPG now ignores an error if it occurs at the end of encoding.
  • TMPG converts number of audio channels by its own.
  • Fixed problem : TMPG could not use MAENC as external encoder properly.
  • Fixed problem : at automatic GOP split (this is done automatically when GOP is too long), copy B picture part (frame) is splited. This function has improved.
  • Supporting multiplex MPEG Audio which as ID3 tag.
  • Fixed problem : while batch encoding, even if project is set "done", the project is started.
  • TMPGENC.VFP plug-in is now registered to TMPGEnc, not to batch file. Put TMPGEnc.vfp at the same folder as TMPGEnc.exe, then run TMPGEnc.exe, this will register the plug-in.

Version : Beta12b. 2000/12/04

  • Disabled MPEG2 related function.
  • Optimize the program for speed up.
  • Encoding speed has little bit improved by implementing SSE code of DCT, iDCT. If SSE is enabled, same DCT routine is used because of decimal floating point calculation apart from the setting of "Use decimal floating point DCT".
  • Add New option of motion search "Motion search(High speed)". This function searches broad area in high speed since it estimates / searches motion of time dimensional direction.
  • Updated user interface of preview playback window.
  • The function of multiplex that "mux://filename" is specified for Audio/Video source, has changed. This function can be used if it is enabled at Environmental setting.
  • TMPGEnc Project File Reader is not included any more. Use TMPGEnc.vfp to read tpr file as movie file.
  • Fixed bug : Quantize Matrix setting was not effected in force picture type setting.
  • Add setting to switch a group(same as GOP) to distribute bitrate in force picture type setting.
  • Add capability to read a text file which contains only frame numbers by load button in force picture type setting.
  • Supporting HSV color space in custom color correction .
  • Supporting display in YCbCr at histogram of custom color correction .
  • Modifying the expression in custom color correction: "YCbCr value area correction" is changed to "CCIR601 opposite scale".
  • Add "extend brightness to 0 - 255 "in the option of custom color correction. This extends Y value of YCbCr.
  • Overlay or preview of encoding. is always displayed in CCIR601 opposite scale.
  • When encoding, "Convert to 24 fps automatically" can be enabled automatically. However, it won't be converted to 24 fps when tpr file is read through VFAPI or preview is encoded.
  • Add "threshold value" to disable interlace automatically in "Convert to 24 fps automatically". The value gets higher, the herder to disable interlace.
  • Add "Automatic setting" to disable interlace depends on the condition of movie in "Convert to 24 fps automatically".
  • By omitting check when reading AVI, it can be read if ForceYUY2 option is ON in PIC Video MotionJPEG Codec.
  • If "Output bitstream for editing" is ON, it is always outputted in Closed GOP. This does not depends on the Force picture type.
  • Merge(cut) in "MPEG tool" is done per GOP, not per I, P picture any more.
  • With Merge(cut) in "MPEG tool", add function to merge MPEG files whose Quantize Matrix are different.
  • Bug fix : does not select bitrate which is not compatible with MPEG-Audio standard any more.
  • Supporting "Enable padding if the bitrate is lower than minimum" option in VBR, MVBR, CQ, RT_CQ.
  • Eliminate function to calculate bitrate by setting 0 for Max/Min bitrate in 2 pass VBR.
  • Capability to read non compressed 24bits RGB TGA file.
  • Consecutive TGA file can be outputted.

Copyright (C) Hiroyuki Hori / Pegasys Inc , Todos los derechos reservados.